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Weekly Financial Reporting is crucial to your hospitality or retail business and by utilising our weekly bookkeeping service, you will have the required reports you need, direct to your inbox so that you can make those strategic decisions for your business on a regular basis.

At Caffea Consulting, we offer two packages:

Protect Me

Reduce the risk and establish a solid platform before you grow.

Grow Me

For the proactive business owner who wants to grow their business with experts by their side.

Business Growth Coaching

We will work with you to uncover the opportunities that are already in your business to:

  1. Grow Profits
  2. Build long-term sustainable higher returns
  3. Increase the saleability and saleable value of your business

By identifying the key success drivers in your business, we will get you laser-focussed by setting targets, implementing change, measuring and monitoring results and regularly re-set, where necessary.

We can also assess where your business stands in comparison to your competition by using the latest benchmarks in your industry.

If we can’t give you practical profit-building strategies within the first 30 days, we will refund our fees in full. GUARANTEED!

Mystery Shopper

Do you really know how your staff interacts with your customers?

Do you know where you stand in terms of performance with your competitors?

We offer two types of mystery shopping:

  1. the Mystery Personal Visit is where we assess the responsiveness and friendliness of your staff along with the implementation of your sales processes, their expertise around your products and the way they provide information
  2. the Mystery Benchmarking Visit is where we assess your competition using the same procedures as the ones in your business so you can make a comparison between you and your competitor.

Payroll & Employee Entitlements

Keep your amazing team happy by having their salaries and wages paid correctly … and on time! 

There’s been too much bad press lately from the hospitality industry in terms of staff being paid incorrectly. Keep yourself out of the news and utilise our payroll service to guarantee that:

  • the correct award, including loading and entitlements, is being applied
  • leave entitlements are correct and up-to-date
  • superannuation is paid, and
  • most importantly, your staff are paid on time … every time!

Using our payroll service also removes you from the bevy of questions that your staff may have regarding their pay. It allows you to work side-by-side with them with that degree of separation from any payroll issues – a comforting relief for most café owners, restaurant owners and retailers.

New Employee Onboarding

Take the pain away from oboarding new staff members with our onboarding service. We will write up an agreement based on their employment status, ensure all relevant documentation is received from them in terms of their employment PLUS issue them with an Employee Handbook customised to your business, outlining your policies and expectations from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why engage an external bookkeeper?
  • Even the most seasoned business owners mess up their books when they lack the proper experience. Mistakes could range from data entry errors, missing entries, double entries and mixing up types of expenses. A professional bookkeeper with a keen eye is less likely to make mistakes. Plus two pairs of eyes are better than one!
  • It’s easy to fall behind on paying bills, paying staff correctly or gettingn your BAS lodged on time when you’re running your own business. An external bookkeeper keeps a tight schedule so your Fair Work and ATO Obligations are met on time – late fees are avoided this way!
  • Letting someone take over a task as important, detailed and distraction-free as bookkeeping allows you to focus on your café’s, restaurant’s or shop’s success. You can put your time and efforts elsewhere.
  • A bookkeeper will be able to provide accurate reports so that those important, strategic decisions can be made. They will also help simplify and explain any confusion around these reports.
  • With the systems that an external bookkeeper use, they can offer you fraud protection, audit protection and disaster protection.
What are the benefits of using a mystery shopper?
  • Increasing customer satisfaction as well as the advantage of attracting new ones which can result in an increase in sales and profits
  • Demonstration to your employees of the importance of their relationship with customers and their role in it. Every customer counts, as does every employee
  • Increase the motivation of employees to always be professional to the maximum with every customer because you never know when you’re dealing with a mystery shopper
  • There’s an improvement in the relationship between employees and customers and an enhanced approach by employees of which customers have an immediate benefit
  • Detection of any deficiencies in relation to the customer or business and the opportunity to take action before they can be seen by customers
  • The mystery shopping report helps with planning future business policies
  • It will give you an ability to anticipate and guess the wishes of customers more easily
  • There maybe a reduction in cost of advertising as word of mouth is the best form of advertising
  • It may help you increase your competitive advantage
What do you find out with a mystery shopper?
  • How your employees receive or establish their first contact with the customer – greeting, smile, attitude, and so on
  • What the employee’s time response was
  • How staff respond to customer complaints
  • Do your staff sell aggressively or passively
  • What it looks like to be a customer of your café, restaurant or retail shop
  • How the competition behaves towards customers
  • What sales techniques are your employees using and what is their knowledge of the product and/or services you provide
How can you use information collected by the mystery shopping survey?
  • It is an ideal comparison report in regards to your competition
  • It helps to check on any weaknesses in your sales in relation to customers
  • It’s a basis for the introduction of change in employee behaviours
  • It’s also a basis for motivating, rewarding and training of employees
  • It can be used to measure the impact of changing products, systems, employee’s approach, working time, advertising, and so on, on the customer
  • It’s an ideal basis for the survey of customer satisfaction
  • It’s a basis for defining the expectations and objects of your employees

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